Z-Health Performance Training

9smodelSo what is Z-Health?

Z-Health is a complete training system that puts you back in control of your own performance. Just as no two people are exactly alike, no training or recovery regimen should be. Incorporating a huge range of tools, skills, and concepts, every session is tailored to exactly what you want to achieve, whether that’s to lift heavier, run faster, eat better, sleep better, get out of pain, or absolutely anything else. Z-Health is a neurologically-based performance enhancement system that focuses on movement, balance, and vision. Your brain runs your body, and thankfully your brain is wired for survival. Here’s some of what you might experience if your brain doesn’t feel safe:

  • limited ranges of motion, like a tight neck or hamstrings, inability to get deeper in yoga poses or your squat
  • muscle weakness
  • pain
  • injury
  • asthma
  • lack of energy or trouble sleeping

That list can go on for quite some time. By determining your biggest neural threats, we can start to develop a personalized program to decrease them. Understanding your nervous system and all its power allows for lightning-fast performance improvements in just about any facet of life. It’s time to take full control of your body and health, and Z-Health will help you do that.

Pain Solutions

Recurrent, nagging injuries and chronic pain conditions deserve to be a thing of the past. What science now knows about the brain and its capability to rewire itself puts us much closer to that goal.

Behavior Change

We all have habits we’d like to change and new ones we’d like to instill. If what you’ve tried hasn’t worked so far, let’s talk about coming up with a new individualized—and accountable—plan.

Performance Coaching

Everyone is athletic in their own way, from keyboard athletes and weekend warriors to triathletes and weightlifters. Increase the quality of your vision, balance, and movement to improve performance in every area of your life.