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Z-Health Performance 9S Model

See Better, Move Better, Perform Better.

Z-Health focuses on nine specific athletic attributes. Each one is crucial to helping you reach your full potential as a weekend warrior, triathlete, Strongman, yogi, or someone looking for a new hobby.

More is not always better. If you’re having trouble with just one of these nine components, doing more of what you’re already doing in the gym or on the field will likely not get you to where you want to be. But by using cutting-edge, practical neuroscience to break down the internal and external threats to your body that stop you from being faster, stronger, better, you will start to see improvements in your field of play quickly.

I know it sounds hard to believe. I was particularly discouraged with my deadlift last year, spending a long time plateaued at 245lbs. What propelled me forward? One vestibular drill. One drill that took less than ten seconds before my lift got me from 245 to 265 in the same day. Two months later, I lifted 315lbs in a Strongman competition.

Brain-based approaches are revolutionizing health, fitness, and athletics. Stephen Curry has added vision drills to his practice. Vestibular exercises are helping athletes recover from concussions quicker and more completely, even years later. Studies show increased balance in high school basketball players decreased their risk for ankle sprains throughout the season. Targeted mobility drills for just a half hour a week significantly decreased injuries in high school athletes.

If you’re skeptic, good. You should be. Get in touch below and we can have a no strings attached phone conversation to talk about your goals and see if we’re the right fit for each other.

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