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If you’ve read my story, you know pain education and getting people out of pain is near and dear to me. Recurrent, nagging injuries and chronic pain conditions deserve to be a thing of the past. What the science community now knows about the brain and its capability to rewire itself, puts us much closer to that goal. Education is key. Understanding your pain, what causes it, and why it may keep coming back, is the first step to taking back control of your own body.

Pain can be viewed as an action signal. Your brain creates the painin your shoulder, knee, hips, low back, order to get you to do something different. Consider touching a hot stove. You feel the heat or pain in your fingers, and you do something different: pull away to avoid further pain or injury. Pain is a good thing and keeps us alive, but that action signal can sometimes get out of control. One out of four people have pain thresholds that don’t reset to normal. Instead they become sensitized to smaller and smaller stimuli. What does this mean? Chronic pain, recurring injuries, reduced range of motion, fatigue, and likely more stress than anyone needs.

The good news is, as I’ve learned personally, none of this is a life sentence. You can get out of chronic pain. It’s not too late. You’re not too old. There’s always more to try.

What To Expect In Your First Appointment

Your first appointment can range anywhere from 1-2 hours, with subsequent appointments generally lasting around an hour depending on what works best for you individually. In the first session, we’ll cover your health history: injuries, surgeries, scars, tattoos, vision, aches & pains, concussions, medications, etc. It might seem intensive for a sore knee/shoulder/etc., but all those stories from your past have led you to now. They matter and can help us find the best path forward.

After we discuss your history, we’ll try a few things to see how your nervous system reacts. Based on your goals, we can come up with immediate assessments to help you know if the drills or exercises you’re doing are making your brain feel more or less threatened. You’ll leave the appointment with 2-5 short drills to work on over the next few days or week. If you have follow up questions during that time, you are always free to text, email, or call me. I’m here to help you! At your second appointment, we can discuss a plan best suited to your needs and wants.

If you’re ready to get started or would like to learn more, please tell me more about yourself and what you’re looking to achieve below!


Hear from others...
  • “By the time I started working with Katie, I’d stopped exercising due to pain from plantar fasciitis. Dog walks, usually the highlight of my day, frequently ended in tears because my feet hurt so much. The podiatrist told me to come back when I was ready for cortisone shots. Katie spent a few hours with me, showing me simple drills and stretches and making sure I was performing them correctly. The almost immediate relief was incredible, and my continued improvement has made me a believer in Z-Health® (also known as science) and Katie’s ability to assess issues correctly and treat them effectively. She understands chronic pain and has sincere sympathy and respect for people living with it. Katie brings hope and humor to people who feel defeated by their bodies. I am exercising again, strength training, hiking with my dog, even running. It’s not too much to say that she’s given me my life back, and I can’t thank her enough.”
  • "One, two, three, four, five. And just that quickly, the pain in my hips was gone. I have slept pain-free the last two nights without meds. Thank you, Z-Health! Thank you, Katie! I went on a pretty hilly mile hike today. I would never have thought to attempt that three days ago!”
  • "I started seeing Katie when I developed severe asthma in my late 30s. After seeing a specialist and trying several inhalers my asthma was barely controlled with three daily inhalers and oral steroids; I was miserable. Two years after my first appointment I’ve been inhaler-free for eight months and counting thanks to the breathing exercises and thoracic glides she had me start doing which have become part of my routine."
  • "I sought out Katie’s services when an old sports injury started causing chronic pain and numbness in my left ankle. After two appointments I had stretches, nerve glides and a few easy dietary changes that have made it possible for me sleep through the night pain free and also exercise daily again."
  • "In October, my elderly father’s bloodwork showed that his parathyroid hormone (PTH) numbers were elevated. That’s not good for anyone, but particularly troubling for someone with kidney disease and osteoporosis; when PTH is elevated, calcium begins to leech from the bones into the blood. Imaging showed normal parathyroid glands, so the endocrinologist suggested removing three of the four healthy parathyroid glands in the hopes that would lower the PTH. Instead of undergoing surgery where the outcome was a complete unknown and the side effects risky, we worked with Katie. With her guidance, my dad increased dairy and salt in his diet and used red light therapy four minutes a day. Within six weeks, my dad’s PTH numbers were well within the normal range, without surgery. Katie is a wealth of information and a gentle guide. I’m so grateful for her help."

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