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katiemartzZ-Health came into my life after I tried just about everything else to treat Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), a supposedly lifelong pain condition I was diagnosed with at 25. It began with unusual pain and numbness after a minor surgical ligament repair in my hand. I’d gone from an active life—equestrian sports, hiking, running, cycling, kayaking, agility with my dogs—to not being able to work full time, sometimes staying in bed for days straight.

Almost two years after the CRPS diagnosis, countless doctors, treatment, and therapy modalities, and yet another concussion (as an equestrian, I’ve had a few), several people suggested I check out Z-Health. When I asked what set “Z-Health” apart from all the medical interventions I’d already tried, I heard stammering about the brain, voodoo, sorcery, magic training; no one seemed quite sure what it was or how worked, only that it did.

During my first Z session, we pored over my entire health history, everything from surgeries to childhood scars. After all that, I vividly remember hearing, “Okay. So what’s your goal after you recover from this concussion? To get rid of the CRPS?” I rolled my eyes at what I thought was naive optimism. But one week into training and I was already finding relief from the concussion headaches and CRPS symptoms. But for the first time, someone was able to explain exactly what was going on in my body to cause the pain. When I had asked doctors for an explanation of CRPS and why it was happening to me, all they ever said was “We don’t really know.”

Two months after my first appointment, I walked out of my safe, well-paying corporate marketing job and devoted my time to training with Z-Health to help others like me. There’s no doubt that before Z-Health, I was well on my way toward spinal implants or neurosurgery. I got lucky in finding Z-Health and all the amazing people involved. Finding help that truly gets you where you want to be—whether that be performing better or getting out of pain—shouldn’t be based on chance. My aim is to narrow those odds.

I’ve been asked to write a bit more on my journey with CRPS. More is coming, but for now: It’s now been seven years since the onset of my CRPS and I can confidently say I no longer have it. I no longer worry whenever I use my arm in a new way, or stress or strain it. Cuts and bruises (I’ve picked up woodworking and live an active life), don’t push me into panic that the CRPS might flare up again. It takes a lot of individualized work. There is no magic pill, but it’s possible if you’re ready.

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