Kenogen’s Progest E

Welcome! You’re seeing this page because you’ve been sent here by a trusted colleague to get Progest E! I have been taking, recommending, and carrying Kenogen’s Progest E for six years. I get fresh stock in every 2-3 weeks, and ship same or next business day to anywhere in the United States and internationally as customs allows. (Please note I cannot guarantee any international shipments, but so far have had 100% success.)

Many have requested online ordering, but I’m a small business and want to keep prices as low as possible so it’s just not in the cards now. Here’s what I can do for those of you new to ordering from me: fill out the form below, or email me at Once you’ve placed your first order, I will save your shipping information and you can text or email future orders.


34mL Kenogen’s Progest E: $32 US

Shipping is same or next business day. Unless otherwise requested, I use USPS. For domestic orders, it typically takes 2-3 days to arrive. US pricing is below. For international orders, please include your shipping address so I can get you an accurate price.

1-2 bottles: $3
3-4 bottles: $4
5-9 bottles: $5
10+ bottles: Free


To keep prices low, I prefer no fee vendors including: Venmo, Zelle, ApplePay, Facebook payments, or cash/check if you’re local (Madison, WI). I do accept Paypal for international orders and as a last resort for domestic orders. Please indicate your preferred payment method below!