I will be a lifelong student. Science is ever changing and deserves the continued attention of all healthcare professionals.


  • Z-Health Essentials of Elite Performance
  • Z-Health R-Phase: Rehabilitation, Restoration, & Re-Education
  • Z-Health I-Phase: Integration of Vision, Vestibular, & Proprioception
  • Z-Health S-Phase: Sport Movement Fundamentals
  • Z-Health T-Phase: Neural Threat Modulation
  • Z-Health 9S: Sustenance & Spirit
  • Z-Health 9S: Structure
  • Z-Health 9S: Stamina
  • Z-Health 9S: Speed
  • Z-Health 9S: The Next Evolution
  • Z-Health 9S: Skill & Style
  • Z-Health 9S: Strength & Suppleness
  • Z-Health Master Practitioner Program (in progress!)
  • Neuro Orthopaedic Institute Group: Clinical Applications of Neurodynamics: Peripheral Neuropathic Experience
  • RockTape Functional Movement Training: Basic and Advanced
  • Coaching the Body: Year long program in restoring pain-free movement
  • Primal Reflex Release Technique: Level 1 & 2